Rabu, Mei 12, 2010

Tabligh Akbar in bogor

Teras Info - To commemorate the Mawlid of Prophet Muhammad SAW as well as warning of national education day, May 2, 2010, held a grand mosque in Bogor tabligh akbar, which was themed damailah Cultural Festival with a speaker that is KH.Zaenudin MZ.
Tabligh this grand event was also attended by several government officials are the Mayor of Bogor and the Minister of Religious Affairs.
The present jama'a very much at all so the extent of the mosque could not accommodate all the jama'a.
The event was also broadcast live on the station TV One, The events in this grand tabligh which opened with a performance of the teams marawis followed by dhikr and barjanzi, and the appearance of stringed arromania, then the core event of KH.Zaenudin Tausyiah MZ,and closed at approximately 15:00 pm with prayer led by KH.Zaenudun MZ.
Tabligh this grand event to discuss about the education in Indonesia and briefly about politics.

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